Sierra Leone News: Port Loko government hospital needs a facelift

The Port Loko government hospital faces numerous challenges. According to the Medical Superintendent at the hospital, Dr. Kapuwa, “The human resource in the hospital is actually nothing to write home about.”
Dr. Kapuwa said most of their staff are volunteers. He said, “I have over 60 nurses in this hospital that are volunteers.”
According to an anonymous nurse, “I have served in this hospital for up to three years without approval from government. I have a family to look after and it is very difficult to go for three years without salary.”
Dr. Kapuwa emphasized that to get the best of any individual, a person must be tied down to contracts, salaries and benefits so they are able to deliver at their jobs. Dr. Kapuwa added, due to such huge numbers of volunteers, it contributes to the dubious activities in the hospital.
Dr Kapuwa said the hospital is being fully funded by the government but noted the serious challenges including equipment, drugs, medical instruments and personnel.
By Mohamed J. Bah
Awoko Wednesday June 20, 2018.

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