About Us

Psychosocial Training and Education Response to Communities (PTERC) Inc is a Charity organisation with a tax deductible -DGR status that caters for the needs and well being of the vulnerable, disadvantaged and marginalized individuals and groups, including Refugees, Migrants, Asylum Seekers and Ebola survivors, flood victims, Sierra Leone community  new arrivals and the newly released from custody.


To rebuild broken hearts and homes through social and community welfare supports


To protect and promote human rights in the Sierra Leone community

To support rehabilitation and recovery of Sierra Leoneans who have been affected by Ebola and the post civil war which has resulted in Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

To provide Psycho-education in order to reduce stigma of Ebola and mental health in the Sierra Leone community

To work in collaboration with other organisations that provide counselling to the Sierra Leone community


Deliver five educational workshops per year, focused on domestic violence and child abuse in the community

Organising 2 consultative meetings, 3 trainings and 4 workshops per year to educate stakeholders about the danger of Ebola Virus, especially its symptoms

Provide professional counselling, training up to 15 trainees  in 2021as a resources in the community to facilitate rehabilitation and recovery

Partner with organisations that provide counselling and mental health services to the refugees and migrants


We publish stories and articles written by our volunteers (reporters or writers) all over the world, especially in the community and from Sierra Leone. Particularly humanitarian stories and articles, including the rights of Refugees, Asylum Seekers, domestic violence, Ebola survivors,and child abuse issues and about their needs because we also protect and promote human rights programs and activities.

However, since some of our numerous readers and philanthropy partners all over the world are unable to lay  hands on some of the very good humanitarian stories and articles, especially on human rights published by some of the newspapers, particularly on family violence, child abuse and Ebola survivors plights in our community and Sierra Leone. We would also republish such stories and articles on our website to give them the opportunity to read such stories and articles in order to keep them more abreast with events bothering such people in the community and in the country, especially for their support.

Nonetheless, we apologize  for any mistake we might make during the process of republishing such stories and articles on our website, especially in terms of crediting the source.