About Us

Psychosocial Training and Education Response to Communities inc. is a Charity organisation with a tax deductible -DGR status that aiming at  catering for the well being of the vulnerable, disadvantaged and marginalized individuals and groups, including Ebola survivors, flood victims and the newly released from custody. Therefore, our focus is on helping individuals and groups in changing their mindset to mindfulness through counselling process, training and education to improve their shattered livelihood.

The fact is negative mind always produces negative attitudes, behaviour and negative character. But psychologically or spiritually when a human being is always full with positive mind or thinking, he or she is always exhibiting very good character. For example, students with great mindfulness always perform well in school than those being affected by traumatic events or negative thoughts in their lives.

In view of that we are aiming at providing support services to our brothers and sisters’ Sierra Leoneans, especially Ebola survivors, domestic violence victims, child abuse victims, post war trauma victims, HIV/Aids, alcohol and drugs addition  and other none Sierra Leoneans who have also been occupied with negative thinking in their minds because of their unfortunate circumstances that they found themselves in the country, such as Ebola outbreak, floods and the 11 years post-civil war in the country.


Therefore, we publish stories and articles written by our volunteers (reporters or writers) all over the world, especially from Sierra Leone. Particularly humanitarian stories and articles, including the rights of Ebola survivors, domestic violence and child abuse issues and about their needs because we also protect and promote human rights programs and activities.

However, since some of our numerous readers and partners all over the world are unable to lay  hands on some of the very good humanitarian stories and articles, especially on human rights published by some of the newspapers, particularly on Ebola survivors, family violence, and child abuse plights in the country. We would also republish such stories and articles on our website to give them the opportunity to read such stories and articles in order to keep them more abreast with events bothering such people in the country, especially for their support.

Nonetheless, we apologize  for any mistake we might make during the process of republishing such stories and articles on our website, especially in terms of crediting the source.

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