Sierra Leone News : Leaders of Sierra Leone Ebola Survivors Speak on death of Bombali Chairman

Two of the leaders of Sierra Leone Association of Ebola Survivors (SLAES) were on Saturday 8th October 2016, interviewed LIVE from Washington DC on the VOA radio. The two men are; Yusuf Kabba, National President, and Daddy Hassan Kamara, National Spokesman, of SLAES.

The Survivors, who are currently rounding up their visit to the United States of America, were speaking on a variety of issues including sending condolences to family and friends of their Bombali District SLAES Head, Mr. Mohamed T. Kanu who had an unexpected and painful death at the midnight of Friday 7th October 2016.



The late SLAES Bombali Chair Mohamed T. Kanu aka MTK

The late Mr. Kanu was a health care worker who caught Ebola from serving humanity. He survived the battle against Ebola and was chosen by his colleagues to be the chairman for Bombali SLAES; only for him to now die from what appears to be one of the 23 noted medical complications that Ebola Survivors are subjected to.

The need for the World and International Community to remain fully engaged in supporting President Koroma’s post-Ebola priorities, could not have been more poignant than at this time when Ebola Survivors in Western countries like the great & wonderful heroine Scottish Nurse Pauline Cafferkey, are benefitting from prompt medical care that she deserves whilst African Healthcare workers who survive Ebola like Mohamed T. Kanu, are dying painful deaths.

“Our member died very painfully at exactly midnight in the Makeni Government Hospital,” said SLAES President.“As is done when an Ebola Survivor dies, a Swab Test has been taken of the corpse to confirm it did not contain Ebola virus. We are now awaiting the results” he continued.

“We continue to show our deepest appreciation to His Excellency the President and his Government as well as to our International Donor Community friends but it is clear that more needs to be done for Ebola Survivors in Sierra Leone,” he ended.

By Abdul Malik Bangura

Awareness Times Oct 10, 2016,

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