Sierra Leone News: Flood destroys homes & washed Dunda Street tarmac

A vehicle washed along PWD

A vehicle washed along PWD

Residents of Freetown were awaken by torrential rains during the early hours of Monday Morning causing deaths, severe injuries and also destroying homes and properties, major streets and slums were also flooded.
At Dundas Street by Pademba Road Junction a newly reconstructed street barely three years ago by the Senegalese Road Construction Company (CSE) was flooded and the tarmac completely wiped off.
Many drainages burst their banks causing flooding in homes and streets on the early hours yesterday. AWOKO observed that people were busy counting the cost after the flooding. Vehicles were also washed by the floods and clogged into drainages along PWD junction.
Major streets were cut- off with mud and debris scattered all over the streets. An Environmental Team from the Freetown City Council (FCC) was busy cleaning the streets for free flow of traffic, while people affected by the flooding were also cleaning their homes.
The Central Christian in Action Church (the haven of rest) at the intersection of Dundas Street and Pademba Road was also affected by the rains. The entire ground floor where church members congregate was flooded.
Mohamed Kamara who was a victim of the flooding along Dundas Street said he was awakened by the heavy water that entered his room at mid-night destroying his electrical appliances and books.
He said though there were no fatalities at his abode, they lost many properties worth millions of Leones and called for the intervention of Government and Non-Governmental Organizations to assist them.
According to unconfirmed reports some deaths were recorded at Hill Station by Fadika Drive where a retaining wall collapsed on a make shift structure allegedly killing four people. Other communities are reportedly affected by the torrential rains.
By Saidu Bah
Tuesday September 20, 2016-Awoko

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