Social Media Ace Evangelist Samson Killed Defending Democracy & a Hero, Shed Tears Not

By Abu Shaw in London (19/08/2022)

Patriotic Sierra Leoneans should stop shedding tears for the late Evangelist Samson who was executed by the SLPP govt soldiers in Makeni.

Evangelist Samson needs prayers and not cries. His violent and untimely death is felt everywhere in Sierra Leone. And his spirit is with patriotic Sierra Leoneans, especially with his colleagues in the social media struggle. This is because the soul of the late social media warrior would not rest until his beloved country is free from bondage. His soul would like all the patriotic people of Sierra Leone not to cry for him. He would love to be remembered as a hero, not a fallen hero, and to make sure his struggle to free Sierra Leone is carried on relentlessly. Evangelist Samson, whose real name is Mr Hassan S Dumbuya, would prefer fervent prayers for the nation as well as for the good people to continue the solemn struggle to protect democracy by fighting against the autocracy that the SLPP government has brought on the people of Sierra Leone. Evangelist Samson was summarily executed by SLPP soldiers on Sunday, August 14, 2022, for primarily defending freedom and justice – two essential ingredients of democracy that are rare commodities under the regime of President Julius Maada Bio. (Photo: Late Samson died a hero to save Sierra Leone’s democracy. RIP).

Shedding tears for Evangelist Samson and the hundreds of other innocent compatriots who have lost their lives in the last five days is understandable but in reality, these patriotic victims of SLPP government barbarism and tyranny were murdered by state security for doing the right things for their beloved country. These souls are in Heaven as I write. God Almighty has surely provided them the solace and comfort in the everlasting Kingdom that they truly deserve. In other words, those who summarily executed the social media giants and the hundreds of innocent citizens should be the ones to cry for their sins, as Hell is surely waiting for them in the Hereafter. As painful as it may be for the victims and their families and friends, the soul of Evangelist Samson and the other victims of President Bio’s killing machines would definitely not rest until justice and freedom are achieved for all Sierra Leoneans. The spirit of the dead is alive and the likes of Evangelist Samson would not rest until the despotic SLPP/Paopa regime is booted out of power come 2023.

Evangelist Samson is dead but his soul is not. Any human being who is unjustly murdered in cold blood like what the wicked SLPP government soldiers did to Evangelist Samson and the hundreds of other innocent Sierra Leoneans last week, the Almighty God would never forgive such perpetrators and those who collaborated directly or indirectly to the demise of these innocent compatriots. The killers are the ones who are supposed to cry for the heinous crimes they have committed against peaceful and innocent citizens like the late Evangelist Samson whose only crime was for standing up against totalitarian rule, fighting against bad governance, and for standing gallantly to defend the fragile democracy that the Bio presidency has undermined and destroyed since April 4, 2018. The soul of the dead will not rest until the evil SLPP/Paopa regime is kicked out of power next year. (Photo: Brigade Commander Amara Adara Bangura shot Samson to death in Makeni).

Evangelist Samson is not a fallen hero as some might describe him. In actual fact, the late man is an everlasting hero and will continue to be a hero in the spirit of Africanism until freedom and justice return to Sierra Leone. This clarion call to let all patriotic citizens stop crying for this great son of Sierra Leone is because his untimely death will be the beginning to the end of the tyranny of President Bio. The Almighty God and the Maker of the Universe always have a peaceful home for good people and without a shadow of a doubt, the late man Evangelist Samson and other innocent souls are in the Kingdom of the Almighty God. What Evangelist Samson needs now is not crying and crying but prayers and most importantly he would prefer the patriotic people of Sierra Leone to continue the struggle to defend democracy and to root out the bad politicians from Sierra Leone. The late social media guru would prefer fervent prayers for the nation not only for himself but for all those citizens who have been unjustifiably killed by the SLPP government of President Bio.

Those who continue to say the late social media activist is a fallen hero are far from the truth. Evangelist Samson and those murdered in cold blood by the Bio presidency are heroes and heroines. The individuals who should be shedding tears are those who actually masterminded the summary execution of Evangelist Samson and others. The collaborators of Evangelist Samson’s assassination should also be crying inside themselves whether they have consciences in their bodies or not.  The late social media guru Evangelist Samson is surely in the right place at the moment where his spirit would be watching Sierra Leone. He has been murdered in cold blood by the ruling SLPP government of President Julius Maada Bio, but the Paopas will never kill his spirit as spirituality is invincible and cannot be touched or seen, or harmed. The corrupt SLPP government wanted to send a message to put fear to other social media activists to scare them from continuing their patriotic campaigns against the violence of President Bio. (Photo: Blood on President Bio’s hands and his Deputy Internal Affairs Minister Lawrence Leema, right).

It was a big blunder made by the SLPP government killers because no amount of harassment and intimidation would put off the colleagues of Evangelist Samson in and outside the country to stop their social media activism. Evangelist Samson’s spirit will continue the noble cause to free Sierra Leone from the bondage the nation has been experiencing under the Bio barbaric presidency in the last years of a failed administration. Mankind, many of them do not believe in spirituality. They do not think spiritual powers abundantly found in eternity have any influence on earth. Especially the spirit of Africanism. These African fools who wholeheartedly believe in the white man’s religion or other foreign religions are the ones running blindly to acquire wealth and power in this world and totally forgetting that all these are vanity. What matters in life is a clean soul because no one will live forever. Going to Churches on Sundays and Mosques on Fridays will not redeem mankind from the evils they commit. God looks into the mind of human beings. 

Before the white man touched Africa, the great African ancestors believed in spirituality, a religion they believed had all the powers of the Supreme Being and Maker of the Universe, the Almighty. In those noble centuries of Africa Spirituality, our great ancestors do not even kill an ant without paying libation and conducting special prayers before the ant is killed. Those noble ancestors do not even cross rivers without doing the necessary sacrificial prayers for the spirit before they could cross the rivers. Those were the untainted centuries before the white and other foreigners touched it. The souls of Evangelist Samson and other victims are protected by the spirit of Africanism and our great ancestors would not rest until the Bio caboodle and killers are eliminated from this earth. Sources say Evangelist Samson betrayed his best friend in Makeni whom they bribed to target the late man. But God Almighty is watching and those responsible for his assassination would not go free. Amen. That is we want all true Sierra Leoneans to pray for the departed and stop crying. They are in Heaven watching us and we should be proud of their heroism in the struggle. Aluta Continua

Courtesy of The Organizer 19 August 2022

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