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By Millicent Senava Mannah

The Sierra Leone Correctional services (SLCS) in partnership with the International Youth Fellowship has launched a Mind Education and Theology School program for inmates in the Center, this is geared towards reforming the mindset of inmates for them to become productive citizens in the country after serving their jail sentences. The ceremony was held on the 7th March 2022, at the Special Court Compound at New England Ville in Freetown.

The Deputy Director General of the Sierra Leone Correctional Centre said the transformation from Prisons to a Correctional Centre by an Act of Parliament in 2014 was a great step that is benefitting the inmates.

He continued that with the transition they now use the triple R standard to help transform the lives of inmates stating that they are; Reformation, Rehabilitation and Reintegration.

The Deputy Director General furthered that the actions of the inmates are reflections of their minds hence if their minds are full of good intentions their actions will be better.

“It is now no secret that mind education and character development is very central to reforming inmates as they shape their ways of thinking,” he averred.

The DDG requested that the Mind Education and Theology School which is a one-year program be continued in the center as the program will help their inmates and the nation as a whole if it continues.

Dr. Kim Ki Sung, Chairperson at International Youth Fellowship said their organization specializes in character development and mind education that will present the proper mindset for personal development and a happy life.

He maintained that this will tap into their creative abilities to do things that are very productive to society rather than resorting to any activity that will bring them closer to conflict with the law.

“Continuing the reformation process is very paramount as such will has to deal with the minds of law offenders,” he appealed.

The Chairperson affirmed that after the end of the one year program, inmates will graduate and opportunities will be given to them according to their cooperation during the program and their comportment in the centre.

The representative of the Attorney General and Minister of Justice, Edward Sarkoh, a State Counsel, said a major cause of imprisonment is to rehabilitate inmates and this is why they have moved from a Prison status to a Correctional Centre in 2014.

He continued that the program will help inmates become better in society after their sentences.

The ceremony was climaxed with the cutting of the ribbon by the representatives of both institutions.

Courtesy y of the Calabash 2022

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