By Amin Kef Sesay

Lead Campaigner of the Sick Pikin Project, Ishmail Alfred Charles, has disclosed to this medium that, Momoh Kosboy Kamara, a fifteen years old school going pupil, who is residing in Mange Bureh, Port Loko District, Northern Sierra Leone and attending the Bureh Catholic Senior Secondary School, suffering from what has been diagnosed as Posterior Heterogeneous Swelling of the Occipital has finally got assistance.

He stated that while the Sick Pikin Project was seeking to understand Momoh’s condition and have him properly reviewed, they came across an amazing Sierra Leonean doctor, Dr. Peter Bangura, who works on full time at the 34 Military Hospital through another amazing supporter and lover of children, Sister Janet Musa.

That connection, he said , could be referred to as a divine connection as it has led to a collaborative linkage that is leading to Momoh’s case that could have cost over $18,000 USD will now cost about $ 1000 to 1500 USD.

He narrated that a team of Neurosurgeons were coming to Liberia and Dr. Bangura informed them that the Sick Pikin Project was very much looking forward to a possible support. As the team arrived in Monrovia Dr. Peter Bangura shared the MRI and CT scans of about 4 cases and they choose Momoh’s case.

The Lead Campaigner continued that the team of Neurosurgeons is called Korle-Bu Neuroscience Foundation (KBNF) adding that it is a Canadian charity with a vision to strengthen health care systems in West Africa, with a special emphasis on brain and spine diseases and injuries.

He said in compassionate speed the Sick Pikin Project was able to loan funds from another child’s case that is due to travel to India to help Momoh to travel to Monrovia.

“We have to take Emergency Travel Certificates and thankful to the amazing team at the Immigration Department of Sierra Leone who helped us to get things sorted so quickly,” Ishmail Alfred Charles Lead Campaigner of the Sick Pikin Project stated furthering how Momoh arrived in Freetown from Mange at late night of 10th November 2021 and departed for Monrovia via road trip where he arrived at Bo waterside, with the support of World Hope International who provided vehicle and fuel.

He further explained that Momoh was then picked up by Dr. Peter Bangura at the Border and was admitted at the JFK Hospital set to undergo some clinical review and laboratory work before his proposed surgery on Sunday 14th November, 2021.

“We are grateful for all those who supported in making this a reality,” the Sick Pikin Lead Campaigner expressed gratitude but stated that they are now in support of funds to be able to keep Momoh in Monrovia and pay for the cost of his laboratory work as the surgery is free.

“Donate today and help Momoh regain his normal life as he has lived with this condition for over 6 years now before The Calabash Newspaper brought his case to the attention of  The Sick Pikin Project,” Ishmail Alfred Charles made a passionate appeal.

“We are a result oriented project, any amount donated will yield the desired result, together can make the difference. Nothing is too small,” he reiterated.

Call today and donate now +23276722736 or +23276793010.SOURCEBy Foday Moriba Conteh

Courtesy of the Calabash 15th November 2021

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