By Theresa Kef Sesay

In order to broaden the knowledge of taxpayers on the Electronic Cash Register (ECR) System, as a fiscal invoicing system, which includes hardware, a certified Invoicing System (CIS), a sales data controller (SDC) and software for receiving, recording, analyzing, formatting, transmitting, storing, and monitoring fiscal data, the National Revenue Authority (NRA) recently engaged stakeholders in a three days training program.

The NRA Assistant Commissioner of Design and Monitoring, David A. Lansana, noted that the Electronic Cash Register (ECR) is highly important and has been useful to many since March, with 5000 units available and over on the market.

He went on to inform taxpayers  about the importance of the machine, which, according to him,  is used to track sales at all times, provide quick access to goods and services within two days and has resulted in a rapid shift from manual to automated processes.

Despite the expression of certain apprehensions, he claimed that ECR machines will not cost taxpayers a penny disclosing that the NRA is responsible for maintenance, regardless of location or cost.

Fatmata Kargbo, Releasing Officer, Bollore Transport and Logistics, stated they like the ECR System since it simplifies their work and automatically deducts all taxes once the amount is entered into the system. She went on to emphasize that confidentiality is a primary priority and that no one can simply hack the system, particularly with codes or passwords.
She advised everyone to strive to get an ECR machine because it makes their work much easier and more reliable.

The ECR machine, according to Mohamed Kallon, is responsible for the fiscal receipt, which includes the NRA logo, QR code, taxpayer name, and TIN number, as well as the SDC signature.

He, however, stated that according to Section 58 of the ECR Regulation 2021, the taxpayer is required to install, implement, and operate the Electronic Cash Register in accordance with that regulation and others.  Mohamed Kallon also stated that taxpayers are required by law to use the NRA GST machine for all transactions, as stated in the 2020 Finance Act Section 34.

That system, he said,  is in charge of automating all GST taxes, which means moving all GST receipts through an ECR machine disclosing how it cannot be used by two different businesses at the same time.

During the three days of training for taxpayers to know more about the regulations of the ECR system, NRA trained over 50 taxpayers on a weekly basis for them to know how to operate the ECR system monthly.

Taxpayers were reassured that the system will not impose more burden on them and will minimize compliance costs.

Courtesy of the Calabash 29th October 2021

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