Introduction of arrivals and a goodbye in Masanga Hospital

During the previous weeks new long term volunteers arrived in Masanga Hospital.

Dr Tom will take over from Dr Hanna as resident

ent of the Global Health Tropical Medicine (GHTM) postgraduate training. We welcome Dr Tom and wish Dr Hanna goodbye. The Medical Officers attached to the GHTM course stay for six months which is the final part of the training. Masanga Hospital is one of the locations worldwide that are allowed to train GHTM docto

Jonas will help Masanga Hospital by improving the electricity supply and solar system as we unfortunately face frequent power cuts and furthermore train our electricians on the ground. Jonas will be here as a long-term expat and we are very happy to have an engineer on board.

Jenny came to replace Emily as long-term expat nurse practitioner in Masanga to further develop nursing care and ongoing education. Jenny worked for Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) in Magburaka Hospital for nine months and will use her very useful experience in Masanga.

Long term volunteers in Masanga are focussing on supervision, training and capacity building rather than filling gaps on the roster to smoothen the transition to full government facility. We want to welcome all new volunteers to the Masanga family. May your stay be sweet and fruitful.

Credit: The Vanguard 29 July 2021

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