By our correspondent

May 1st, 2021, the Psychosocial Training and Education Response to Communities (PTERC) Inc organized a cultural performance dance program to showcase the Australians how rich the Sierra Leone culture is. The occasion was well attended by both Sierra Leoneans and Australians. Despite the occasion was mainly focused on Sierra Leoneans, especially on their cultural dance. But to show that Australia is a multicultural country that does not know who is a foreigner and who is a citizen.  They regard all human beings are the same, regardless of skin colour, language, religion or dressing.

Mr. Anthony Bee-Conteh, the founder and CEO introduced the facilitator to his dynamic team members. “However, because of the month of Ramadan, most of our hard-working members are Muslims. Therefore, they cannot attend but they are with us in spirit” he said. He furthered that without their support this wonderful occasion would not have been successful. He also welcomed and thanked the attendees, for their support, particularly for putting aside their precious busy schedule to participate in the program.  And he also thanked the Mental Health Program Doing It Differently sponsors that provided the funds.

Beatrice Sesay Barry, one of the community member attendees, stated that the organization PTERC did a very good work in bringing Sierra Leoneans together as a family, particularly “by making it possible to meet old and new community members. It is also important to organize such occasion in the community so that our children will learn our culture, she added. In view of that she thanked the organizers of the program, especially the dynamic hard-working members of the organization.

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