A Dark Day in Sierra Leone Soccer: 9 footballers killed in accident

Sad news: Eight young Sierra Leonean footballers from first, second and non division clubs in Makeni and a community coach have died in a road accident in the Bombali district in Sierra Leone on Sunday.

Many more were injured, some are reported to be in critical condition in hospital.

The players were returning home from Batkanu in the Karene district where they took part in a community football gala.

The accident happened just outside Makeni when their mini bus collided with a truck loaded with cassava, potatoes and other stuffs coming from opposite direction.

The North East region Football Association in the country has suspended all football activities in Bombali until the players are buried.

The Sierra Leone FA has issued out a press statement extending its heartfelt condolences to the entire football fraternity of the Northern region football association. May they rest in peace.

Reports from the Northern City of Makeni in Sierra Leone are that 9 Soccer players have died after a gruesome collision between the van the players were traveling in and a heavy duty 18 Wheeler Truck.

Some established facts are that they were returning from a Match in the town of Batkanu, with more details still filtering in about the accident as well as that of the identity of the players.The nation mourns as all Soccer related activities have been suspended by the Soccer Authorities in the Bombali District of Sierra Leone.

May the Souls of these Young Men with so much promise Rest in Peace 🙏🏾🙏🏾
Leslie Koroma
Sr African Sports Monthly leslie@africansportsmonthly.com

Cocorioko  2 March 2021