Sierra Leone Still Need Support For Ebola Survivors Recovery And Rehabilitation


Sierra Leone is still in dire need of your support in many different ways for its recovery and rehabilitation, especially for it Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) survivors, including orphans and widows. They need professional counselling, health care support, medical/ equipment support, training, education, scholarships, educational reading materials support, food, clothing and financial support, especially for its disadvantaged children, young people, families, carers and widows for which this organisation is catering for to motivate and give them more hope. Because “Ebola virus is not a death sentence,” therefore, there is always room for hope to survive.

In view of that, these vulnerable Ebola virus affected individuals and families need your humanitarian support to recover from their trauma and reduce their stigma and also to stop the spreading of the ghost disease, Ebola all over the world.  Particular, since the world is now spinning in a global village circle system especially, in terms of information, technology, trade, transport and communication, whatever affects one country will also affect another, whether directly or indirectly.  Therefore, any particular country in the world that is facing problem should be a great concern for individual and other countries, because the transfer of such problem from one person, country or countries to another could be immediate or future effects.

For instance, the transfer of such problem/s could be through the movement of people, from one place or country to another or through scientific technology transfer or romantic love. Therefore, it should always be a concern for individuals, organisations, governments and countries to give full support to any country that may finds itself in a pool of problem /s, be it disease, poverty/ hunger or war to stop such problem from spreading. For example, according to history, Ebola virus outbreak in Africa started way back in 1976 in Central Africa, Congo.

In 2014, it entered West Africa countries, especially Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia with serious destruction of poor and defenseless precious Sierra Leoneans’ lives in the country. In West Africa, it started in one country which was Guinea and it went to Liberia before later to Sierra Leone, where it  traumatized and killed many people in the country. Now, it’s also started surfacing in America. After America who knows where it will go next. No one or scientists that can presently predict where the ghost killer disease will have to hit next.

Today Ebola is in Africa, America and tomorrow it could be Europe or Asia no one knows. In fact may be it might already be there, it’s only waiting for time to surface or hit. It is in this background that the fight against the common enemy of human survival killer disease called Ebola virus in West Africa, especially in Sierra Leone needs a concerted holistic approach by all world stakeholders to prevent it from transferring from one country to another. This can be done through the use of different approaches including Counselling.

Counselling approach is one of the approaches that always help people to improve their lives and move forward. For the fact that, it empowers people to always think positive through motivational process that gives hope to eradicate or minimize the Ebola virus trauma and stigma from the minds of Sierra Leoneans. Counselling will help to motivate the already traumatized and depressed minds of Sierra Leoneans. It improves the individuals’ sound minds and allows them to move forward through training and education.  A sound mind is a healthy body.