Sierra Leone News: Orphan, Aged appreciates ‘Status Quo’

Residents at St Georges Orphanage and King George’s Home for the Aged (Old People’s Home), at Grafton were taken aback recently by an unexpected donation from ‘Status Quo’ Sierra Leone.
The Non Governmental Organization (NGO) donated food, clothing and other essential items to residents of both homes.
Presenting the items at the St George’s Orphanage, Status Quo Chairman, Alex Thomas said as a parent it was touching to see the kids in the orphanage. “Notwithstanding life goes on… don’t give up, remember all is not lost,” he admonished them. “We’ve seen people from very humble beginning and they are now very important people in our society today. You are the next leaders of this nation,” he added.
Alex further stated that the items are bought from members of Status Quo Sierra Leone hard earn cash and not from any overseas funding, also noting that they deemed it necessary to give such gifts to the needy as a way of paying back to society.
The National Commander, Ibrahim Kai Aruna assured residents that the donation won’t be a flash in the pan however they would be visiting with more donations in due time.
The National Brain, Anthony Gogra remarked, “we knew that people with such needs like these are in our society.”
The Orphanage Home Manager, Yeama Conteh said that there are people with money but lack the heart to give. “we want to thank you for thinking about these Orphans.”
Status Quo Sierra Leone is a Non Governmental Organization started in the 80’s as a college fraternity that believes in diversity, advocate for the voiceless and caters for the needy. However over the years thousands of students went through it and decided to form an NGO that would continue in the spirit of giving on a nationwide scale.
By Ophaniel Gooding
Awoko Thursday August 02, 2018.

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