Over 300 Disabled Persons Fed By Girls Today Women Tomorrow Sierra Leone

Over 300 Disabled Persons Fed By Girls Today Women Tomorrow Sierra Leone

The recently registered organization, Girls Today Women Tomorrow Sierra Leone (GTWT-SL) has undertaken their first charity work by feeding and interacting with over 300 persons with disability.  The feeding took place on the 28th April 2018.

According to one of the members of that organization, Fanta Koroma, two persons with disability homes were identified-House of Jesus at Bus Station and the Pademba Road home along the prison.

She described the move taken by GTWT-SL as a great one that paved the way for them to interact with the women and children.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Founder of GTWT-SL, Hawa Conteh who is based in the Netherlands explained that their organization is all about girls’ empowerment, who will be doing fundraising and charitable work.

Madam Contech went on to say that their main aim is to engage young girls and to tell them their own stories (both good and bad) for them not to be victims of early marriage and teenage pregnancy.

Madam Conteh who has her own story to tell also spoke about empowering young girls for them to be the voice of their communities, to engage in self-empowerment programs that will change their lives and that of their families.

She said they will be the happiest people if the life of a single girl changes for the better in the campaign they will be embarking on.

She promised that the organization will not be a one year thing but one that they will continue.

Beneficiaries were pleased with the gestured. They said Girls Today Women Tomorrow Sierra Leone donation came at the right time. The prayed for the organization to grow from strength to strengths through that they will be remembered as people in need.

Ibrahim Joenal Sesay

Sierra Express Media, 13th May 2018


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