Freetown faces air pollution and environmental hazards from burning and stacked trash after national cleaning exercise

Smoke every where in the city Freetown

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 Bowenson Frederick Phillips

Sustainable Solutions needed

Aftermath of the cleaning exercise. Garbage in front of Ebenezer Church. Although the intention was good the planning was below average. Consideration was not given to how to dispose of the rubbish. We do hope the next cleaning day will be properly planned and the logistics including waste disposal properly executed

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2 hrs ·

 With all the additional time from 12 to 4pm, they were unable to clean the entire City till now. You cannot clean a City like Freetown, which is densely packed, within a selected day in every month. Cleaning is done everyday, not in a selected day in a month. Our right was breached in the same cleaning when unlawful additional time was pronounced by a designated Minister, who hadn’t been approved by Parliament, to enforce such a degree on us. In my view, that was very wrong. He needs to apologize to the people of this country, especially when he allowed our beloved Military personnel to restrict people’s movement almost everywhere in the Country when that additional time was instituted. Also, allowed people to walk by feet on that day. That was wrong,also.

I’m not against the cleaning, but the methodology used was wrong. Period.

— feeling sad.

Hoda Sesay This people respect money than lives so what good can you expect from people which such mentality? They received the Chinese money to fund the cleaning and SLPP still can’t get it right!

Sallieu Munu Is it right for the President to reintroduce cleaning when we have an elected Mayor? Stop the insult, and let’s discuss constructive politics. Social media ain’t Bo or Kenema were people are restricted or even beaten to criticize your junta democracy government, which flouted the constitution almost everyday.

Emmanuel Jonjo Sallieu Munu, you haven’t asked the most fundamental questions with regards to the cleaning exercise… Was the cleaning exercise necessary and timely? The honest answer will be a “yes” except if you are hell bent on fault finding…Granted a number of issues such as the extension of the time to 4p.m was totally uncalled for but the whole exercise. Any meaningful Sierra Leonean won’t much who really brings development to this nation in as much as it benefits everybody they should be o.k with it…Moving on forward I think the govt. should sit down and plan on how to make this whole exercise very effective.
Now, A lot of you guys refer to the new regime as a “junta democracy”.. I find so funny that you guys have the audacity to cry about constitutional breach blah blah.. Check the constitutional violations of the past regime…then we can talk

 Cocorioko 7th May 2018

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