Sierra Leone News: APC supports IDPs in Masingbi with food and cash

The All People’s Congress (APC) leadership after analyzing the situation of the internally displaced persons (IDP) in Masingbi from Nimiyama Chiefdon in Kono, have put together financial and material support to help the more than 2,000 of them.
The Secretary General, Alhaji Osman Yansaneh, said they were deeply saddened for the situation and because most of them have lost everything the party has decided to support them so that they can kick-start their lives again in the camp set for them in Masingbi.
“These are people that have migrated from the North to do business and work in the Eastern city of Kono. As we are all Sierra Leoneans we have the right to move around the country without any hindrance, but because of politics, these people have found themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time. We will not abandoned them rather we will support them and we will continue to look after them until they settle down again.” The Secretary General said members of the party came together and put a package of 200 bags of rice, 15 bags of onions, quantities of oil, palm oil, tomato paste, used clothing and Le50 million cash to be shared amongst the families. Alhaji Yansaneh said they will from time to time visit them and make sure that they are doing fine and they hope that Red Cross and other humanitarian organisations will continue to support them and relocate them because they are Sierra Leoneans and not foreigners. AT/12/4/18

Awoko Monday April 16, 2018.

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