DIFSIL provides lunch for Hundreds of Children Across Sierra Leone

 Disbaled international foundation Sierra Leone ( DIFSIL) on Christmas day provide food and gifts for hundreds of Children across the Country.

According to the founder and Chief executive Madam Imambay Kadie Kamara officer of DIFSIL said this year Christmas children lunch children from various communities benefited.

Madam Imambay said Children are the future of every country and that we must do everything possible to help them achieve their utmost goals.
she said her organisation is try one that focus on promoting the welfare of deprived children and people living with disabilities. the reason for the party is for the children to know that no matter their conditions they are as equally as important like any other and person in the society.

she said her organisation will will continue to do more for the deprived children in Sierra Leone and encourages other partners to also do the same at a time like this as that will really give the children confidence and feel important.

Cocorioko 28 December 2017

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