Umbrella donates to Freetown landslide victims   


Umbrella-Sierra Leone Union of Ontario, the Sierra Leonean Community Umbrella Organization in Toronto, Canada donated and distributed assorted items to victiims of floods and the landslide : that hit Freetown on August 14, 2017. The donated items were 20 bags of rice and 14 barrels of items, consisting of clothing, shoes and bags.

On delivering the items to victims in Motomeh, Regent Freetown, Ms Rugiatu Turay, Chairwoman of Umbrella-SierraLeone Union of Ontario said;

“We were shocked and deeply saddened by the devastating floods and landslide that struck this Regent communities, which caused loss of lives and properties. On behalf of our President, Mr. David Sinnah and members of the Umbrella-Sierra Leone Union of Ontario, I want to express my deepest sympathy to all those who lost loved ones, those who lost their houses and other properties, those who have been displaced as well as the affected communities. we pray that this will not happen again to any community here.”

A minute of silence was observed for all those who were killed by the floods and landslide.

Turay added: “We are here to tell you that we feel your pain and suffering and that you are not alone. We are with you all. As an effort to give you some support during this difficult times, members and supporters of my organisation have donated 20 bags of rice and 14 barrels of items, including: clothing, shoes and bags”

Chief Alimamy Conteh, expressed appreciation and thanked members of Umbrella-Sierra Leone of Ontario for donating such items during this difficult times. He said:”God bless you and your families. I pray and hope that such a disaster will not occur again” He called on other Sierra Leonean living abroad to emulate the generosity of members of Umbrellla-Sierra Leone Union of Ontario.”

The camp heads also expressed similar sentiment of appreciation and they thanked Umbrella-Sierra Leone Union of Ontario and its membership for their thoughtful donations.

Rugiatu Turay coordinated and assisted with the distributions of the donated items to the beneficiaries.

She thanked all the volunteers who assisted them in coordinating and distributing the donated items.

The beneficiaries also thanked members of Umbrella-Sierra Leone Union of Ontario and prayed that God will bless the members and elevate the organization. One of the beneficiaries said ” this shows that they like Sierra Leone and they love us too”

“Thank you very much. I wish you all safe journey back to Canada” said another beneficiary.

On Augist 14, 2017, devastating floods and landslide occurred in Regent, Freetown following heavy rainfalls, which left more than 600 people dead, hundreds of houses and other properties destroyed and thousands of people homeless.

Here is Miss Rugiatu Turay speaking at the event:

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