Sierra Leone News: 11 yr. old landslide survivor cries for help

Daniel Sesay still under care at Connaught Hosp.With little over a month after the August 14th devastating landslide and flood incident that caused the death of hundreds and thousands still missing, one of the survivors Daniel Sesay, is calling for urgent medical support.
Daniel Sesay, an 11-year old and a class four pupil attending the Kaineh Islamic Primary School at Mortomeh Regent Village, before the unprecedented incident took place.
He was living with his father, stepmother and two siblings in the same house when it all happened. He and his father narrowly escaped and survived whilst his stepmother and two children perished under the landslide.
Since that day, Daniel was admitted in the Children’s Ward One at the Connaught hospital where he has been responding to treatment with his mother by his side helping in carrying and taking care of him.
Due to the damage caused on his body by the heavy the landslide, Daniel’s left leg had been amputated whilst his right leg and hand are still under serious supervision by the medical experts who according to Daniel’s mother will take him to the Theater for proper checking within the coming days.
Speaking to Daniel since he was taken to the hospital he is unable to move around by himself either to ease himself or to exercise. Daniel who is yet to know the fate of his stepmother and two siblings, said he is yet to see them as they have not visited him in the hospital because they have been living together.
“I don’t know when I will be able to go back to school and achieve my dream in future. I love playing football but with my present structure I doubt if I could ever play again” he cried out.
With bandages on his leg and hand Daniel is seen lying on his bed with his eyes focusing on a small DVD laptop placed on the side of the bed by his mother as he keeps himself busy by watching Nigerian movies to keep his mind away from recalling his situation.
With tears running down his chick, Daniel prayed that he receives overseas medical attention to help regain his health and return to normal life despite losing his one leg with the fear of him losing the other leg and probably his right hand that is also in serious disorder.
According to Daniel’s mother, Kadie Sesay she is currently unemployed and the father is trying to fix himself up after losing his wife and two children together with all his properties.
She disclosed that seeing her son in his present condition makes her have more faith and trust in God who in his wisdom choose to keep Daniel alive to date, praying that she hope philanthropists will come to his son aid and took him abroad for proper treatment and possible rehabilitation into a new society to keep his sorry away.
Presently Daniel survives through donations and on Friday 15 September 2017 through Mohamed Murtala Kamara, Daniel received the sum of two Million two hundred and thirty-seven thousand Leones from a Sierra Leonean based in Australia.
By Alhaji Manika Kamara
Awoko Monday September 18, 2017

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