The Sierra Leone Association of Little People Enjoys State House Hospitality


Members of the Sierra Leone Association of Little People’s historical meet with President Ernest Koroma at State House went well.

President Koroma on Friday 25th August 2017 hosted the Sierra Leone Association of Little People where they discussed the marginalisation and discrimination that little people i.e. dwarfs across the country are facing. (Pictured: Historic meeting at State House).

The objectives of the organisation are to increase the capacities of little people through training, workshops, seminars and community development programmes among others.

Sierra Leone Association of Little People founder and chairperson, Sheriff Abass Koroma said little people needed to be supported to enable them start their own businesses and projects.

Mr. Abass Koroma said that it is difficult growing up in an environment of continuous discrimination and marginalisation. Their visit to State House, he said, was to introduce their executive as well as engage government on issues affecting little people in Sierra Leone.

The Dwarfs’ leader said after meeting the president: “When I was told that President Koroma wanted to see us, I almost went crazy. We left State House with a huge sense of belonging as the President made us feel very tall.”

According to Abass Koroma, the immediate needs of their association are the following: (1) office space which will serve as learning centre for little people nationwide; (2) registration of association; (3) launching of association and (4) funding of project proposal.

President Koroma as father of the nation welcomed the association to State House and noted that they are entitled to freedom of association and movement like any other citizen of Sierra Leone.

“It’s unfortunate that you have to go through such experiences of mockery and marginalisation but my government will always remain not only open and inclusive but will defend the rights of little people and other vulnerable groups,” Ernest Koroma reiterated.

The Fountain of Honour assured that he would be holding regular meetings with the association and encouraged them to contact the Ministry of Social Welfare, Gender and Children’s Affairs for matters relating to their welfare.

The Organiser 7th Sept 2o17

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