Sierra Leone News: Too many children with skin diseases – Dr. Luodan

Dr. Luodan and nurse Novella Sheriff at Jui hospital

Dr. Luodan and nurse Novella Sheriff at Jui hospital

Pediatrician working at the Jui hospital Dr. Luodan said many of the children he has been treating have so many skin diseases, which is not good for them.
He said he treats about 20 children a day and so many of them have strange skin disease that affects their body and blood. Dr. Luodan said he feels sorry for them and he has been doing his best to relieve them of such pains.
“Many of the children I have treated, the parents bring them back to say thanks and the children are so happy and alive. When I see them I feel so happy and it gives me more determination to do more.”
The nurse working with Dr. Luodan, Novella Sheriff, said when you see the children you feel so bad for them, but she said Dr. Luodan is so passionate about treating these children that he goes extra mile to cure them.
Nurse Sheriff averred that since Dr. Luodan started working he has treated over 200 children but said two children were unfortunate that he was unable to treat them because their conditions were very critical with major internal head wounds.
Dr. Luodan said most of the children have cold and fever, which he said are the two basic diseases that are common in them. “I treat them for these two and other ailments that should not be in children but because of the environment they are living and the less care they receive, that is the reason why so many of the children in Sierra Leone are sick. The treatments they receive are free because we are treating them under the free health care policy of the country.”
He said he will not relent but will continue to treat them and save their lives so that their parents will be happy.

Awoko Monday August 12, 2017.

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