Sierra Leone News: NSBT donates to Kanikay community

Hon.Jariatu Smith thanking the NSBT officials for their support

Hon.Jariatu Smith thanking the NSBT officials for their supportNectar Sierra Leone Bulk Terminal (NSBT) has donated food items to the Kanikay, Cilbert and Race course communities on Friday as they were all affected by the August 14th flood that took place in Freetown. Items donated were 100 bags of rice, 100 tarpaulins, 100 gallons of oil, four cartoons of Maggie cubes, Four Cartoons of Salt and two cartoons of sugar.

Making the donation, the General Manager, Jim Page, said they decided to make this donation to the people because they are part of the community and they want to start with them before going to the other victims.
He said the donation will not satisfy everybody but it will help them to wipe their tears a little.
The Chairman of NSBT, Saidu Turay, told the community representative that NSBT is a small company that have just started, but because they want to identify themselves with the community that is why when they got the news of the disaster around the area they immediately put this little packages together for them.
Handing over the donation to the Member of Parliament Hon. Jariatu Rosalind Smith, Turay said he hopes the MP would be able to distribute the commodities accordingly.
Receiving the donation from NSBT Hon. Smith thanked NSBT and said this is not the first time that they are helping the community, as they have built school, given them a firetruck and now when they are affected with flood they have come to their rescue.
She said the commodities will distributed accordingly and they will continue to work with NSBT and will protect them always.
Awoko Monday August 12, 2017.

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