Sierra Leone News: Chinese medical team treating mudslide victims

Doctors from 34 Military Hospital treating a child at RegentChinese military doctors working at the 34 Hospital and doctors from the Jui hospital have come together to render medical assistance to victims that escaped from the mudslide in Mortome last week.
Beginning Thursday last week the two medical personnel in collaboration with Ministry of Health personnel have been working together to treat those that are wound and also to counsel those that are traumatized.
Speaking to the team leader, Dr. Liang Lihui, said when they heard about the disaster they immediately contacted the Chinese Embassy through its Economic Counsellor, Shen Xiaokai, who called them to a meeting to see how they can be of assistance.
He said both medical team agreed to visit the survivors of the disaster areas to offer treatment and this they started on Thursday where they were able to treat dozens of patients for injuries, pain, cuts and other ailments.
Dr. Lihui averred that many people are traumatized and they must be counseled properly or else they might not be able to go through the pain of losing a whole family.
The team leader, Dr. Guo Xuejun said it was good that they form a partnership as they are able to see more patients on a daily basis.
“Every day when we arrive at the camp where registration is being done and where they are residing we make sure before we start work we spray the entire compound to disinfect it so that many sicknesses can be averted.”
Dr. Guo said his nurses are good at counseling and that they have been doing as they continue to treat survivors.
He said they have been treating children than adults and some of the children they have been treating are orphans as they need help and good home to bring them up.
He called on all those who need treatment to make sure they are at the centres where they could receive treatment.
Speaking to the survivors, they said they are getting food supply but they need clothing, shelter, blankets and footwear that will help them. They said only five foams in the centre for over 300 people that have registered. “They need shelter; the Siao Elementary School is not convenient for them as they are calling on government to help them get a better place.”
Maj. Dr. Alex Bangura who is working with the military doctors said they are receiving support from the local staff and if any case that meet is severe, we will send them to 34 hospital, or Jui and Emergency.
Awoko Monday August 12, 2017.

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