Sierra Leone News: 3 children with heart disease flown to India

Adonis Abboud and the 3 kids

Adonis Abboud and the 3 kids

Three young children, below the age of five and suffering from a variety of different heart diseases, were yesterday flown out of the country to India for life-saving surgery.
Mariatu, mother of 3-year old Umaru Koroma, said she noticed that her son was sick he had an attack in May He was unconscious and then became pale. She had to rush to the Ola During Children’s Hospital. “At first, I thought he was suffering from typhoid or malaria. But after several tests were conducted, the doctor told me Umaru has a heart disease.”
Mabinty furthered that she had been going to the hospitals frequently and had been admitted on several occasion “I thank God that my child was given the opportunity for the surgery. I thank all the people who have been supporting us”.
Mariama, mother of 3-year old Abibatu Kamara, said at the age of two, when Abibatu was sick, she was diagnosed with heart disease.
“Even since, she was diagnosed,” Mariama said, “life has been difficult for both of us. She has been falling ill frequently. We have spent more time in the hospital than at home. But one good thing is that we have been getting assurances from the doctors at Ola During. I never lost hope. My child has the opportunity to travel for the surgery and I believe it will be successful.”
At the Ferry Terminal in Kissy, the kids were seen playing around each other, not bothered about their fate. Their mothers, on the other hand, were worried and wondered what lay ahead for them in India.
Three-year old, Tearo Kamara, whose heart condition is critical, also played happily with the other small children. His mother, Baindu Kamara, almost burst into tears as she expressed her gratitude to Pikin Bizness and Ola During for restoring her hope.
Benedict Ganda, Logistic Officer of the Royal College of Paediatric and Child Health, based in the UK, said, “The children will be spending between 2 – 3 months in India because they will undergo surgery the moment they get there. The hospital will have to conduct a series of tests and determine which one of the kids are the most critical.
The parents will also be taught post–surgery care and how to administer drugs to them. “After the hospital is satisfied that the kids are strong enough to return, they will be discharged and sent home,” said Ganda.
Three kids had been sent to the Cayman Islands and returned after a successful surgery. One child, who also went through successful surgery in a hospital in India, will be returning on Monday.
Adonis Abboud, Board Chairman of Pikin Bizness, said the rate at which children are being affected by heart disease is a concern.  That is why he has developed a partnership with Chain of Hope and Ola During to help these children.
Abboud said he was contacted at the last minute to help these kids and because of the seriousness of their condition, he stepped in immediately so that the children could get the required medical attention.
By Betty Milton
Awoko, Friday, July 28, 2

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