Sierra Leone News: More health facilities needed

Panguma Hospital

Panguma Hospital

A Community Health Worker (CHW), of Gbeika in Dodo chiefdom Kenema district, Hawanatu Bockarie, is calling on the government to provide her community with a health facility. She made this appeal while addressing her community mostly lactating mothers, pregnant women and children about the numerous health problems they are encountering. It is now up to six months without the malaria drugs that they used to get from Kondoma Peripheral Health Unit about nine miles away.
Bockarie disclosed that they are getting more reports of fever during the wet season but they are usually referred to either Kondoma or Panguma in the Lower Bambara chiefdom, 18 kilometres away. Because of the condition of the roads and distance, some lactating mothers do not respond quickly until the child is very sick. They don’t want to make the arduous trip. Many of the pregnant women, while on their way to health facilities, deliver their babies on their way or the road.
She said she has made several requests to the health workers at the PHU at Kondoma to be holding clinics on weekly basis. The health workers consented to assist but to her dismay it is over three months without responding to her request.
By Saffa B. Moriba
Awoko, Wednesday 05,2017.

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