Sierra Leone News: Independence Day party for Ebola orphans

UK Charity, Build on Books, will organize its Third Annual Independence Day party for Ebola orphans on 27 April, in Waterloo.
“The annual Build on Books Sierra Leone Independence Day Party is a chance for the orphans to get together with the people who helped them survive the Ebola crisis of 2014 and other child survivors too,” explained charitable entrepreneur, Lori Spragg.
She explained that the annual celebration is a reminder to the children that they are not alone but part of a bigger family of Ebola heroes.
“The Ebola crisis was a terrible time for the whole of Sierra Leone and recovery has been a long and slow process that is not yet over. Sierra Leone is still one of the world’s poorest countries with a desperately high child mortality rate.  It can be a difficult place for any child to survive and prosper, especially orphans,” Lori said.
She explained that as a supporter of Build on Books, you will know that it took a lot of hard work and help from many different people just to get these children through the Ebola crisis after their parents died.
Thankfully the orphans are all now part of new families and are back in school doing really well even after all they have been through.
One of the orphans, Mohamed J. Bah, said, “One thing I have to admit is that we now have plenty of books in our community as compared to the past years. These books have many impacts in my life and the life of many, especially children. During the past years children were afraid of books especially textbooks. But now almost every school you go to you will see pupils reading textbooks. The primary children are no more afraid of books. The books are also reducing the quantity of writing [copying out] pupils do now.”
Cecilia, 10, says, “I love to read Snow White and Rose Red by Vera Southgate. It is an interesting story. I love Snow White and Rose Red because they were devoted to each other and loved their mother who was a widow.”
By Ophaniel Gooding
Awoko Tuesday, May 02, 2017.

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