Free medical treatment for war wounded amputees

War wounded amputees residing in Masiaka, Jui, Grafton, Newton and Aberdeen over the weekend benefited from a free medical treatment offered by Melqosh Mission International.

The treatment to war amputees at the Monsignor Daniel Sullivan Health Clinic, Newton, was the organisation’s first medical mission for 2017.They have  been offering similar service since last year.

Many Sierra Leoneans, who were amputated during the rebel war, have been going through serious constraints, with regards their basic needs and despite the billions of Leones coming from organizations for their welfare, the government has done little or nothing to support them.

National Secretary General of Amputees Association, Pastor Tamba Finnoh, welcomed the intervention of Melqosh Mission International by providing with medical care, educational and other vocational supports to amputees.

“We are now proud of ourselves. In the past, people look at us as waste. We have not been included in any of the projects implemented by government and other organisations. We appreciate Melqosh Mission for their timely intervention,” he said.

The organisation’s Founder, Pastor Faith Okrafo-Smart, stated that they have been working to equip, educate and empower amputees, whose limps were cut off during the brutal rebel war.

“We are here to do our first medical mission for 2017. This is sequel to the first one we did last year. Last year, we were able to offer treatment to amputees through our mobile clinic. We are here to continue with the treatment,” she said.

She noted that the rationale behind their medical mission was that there was a very high mortality rate among amputees, which they were fighting  to curb.

She claimed that 70% of those amputated have passed away since the end of the war in 2002, which was why they were racing against time to elongate their time.

“Our aim is to provide a sustainable health system for the amputees. We believe that health is wealth and without it, one could have nothing. The essence is to empower them through health and other vocational projects. We also provide educational sponsorships for their children. We have also been providing supports to those secondary schools and universities,” she added and stressed that their project were specifically for amputees because funds are limited.

According to Pastor Okrafo-Smart, they have been working with amputees from Grafton, Hastings, Rokel, Jui, waterloo, Newton, Masiaka, Magburaka, Makeni, Bo and Aberdeen and that they have recently abducted Lungi.

She called on the government to work in partnership with organizations in order to make a change in the life of amputees, adding that there were amputees who have been rejected and marginalized because of the believe that it was too much hard work.

Concord Times April 25, 2017

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