Worries Over Street Children In Sierra Leone!

Worries Over Street Children In Sierra Leone!

As the raining season approaches, Sierra Leone Street Children around the country are worried who among them will be able to cope with the heavy down pour of rain this year.

Many of them will start getting sleepless nights or caught-up by running waters in market stalls, shops verandas or unfinished buildings, that results in serious fever that sometimes results in death or other complications.

It is unbelievable  that with the number of Local Nongovernmental Organisations (NGOs) operating on street children, the number of street children continues to increase year in, year out.

The Ministry of Social Welfare Gender and Children Affairs, Parliamentary Committee on International Non Governmental Organisations (INGO), and the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) should plan an operation to weed out portfolio NGOs across the country.

This medium is calling on the country’s Human Rights Commission and the Children’s Commission to develop a project proposal for the supply of cold weather gear and medicines that will mitigate the chances of death and other complications affecting street children during the rainy season.

As it stands, there is no available data of the sum total of homeless children across the country, hence  it is difficult for government and  donor partners to design a national program for homeless children.

The issue of street children in any nation is tantamount to many ugly indicators as the next generation will be synonymous to crime, drug addiction, and triple  the amount of unskilled youths.

Many organisations working with street children tend to provoke the situation of these children for money making purposes and do not really alleviate their suffering.  Sierra Express want it to be known to all and sundry that such an act is but a serious offence!

By Donstance Koroma

Sierra Express Media 26th April 2017

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