Sierra Leone News: Too many infectious diseases in Salone – Dr Sean

Dr Liang Jun usually aka Dr Sean

Dr Liang Jun usually aka Dr Sean

Dr Liang Jun usually called Dr Sean said many Sierra Leoneans are suffering so much from infectious diseases like Malaria, Typhoid Fever, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, AIDS and Tuberculosis.
In an interview with the doctor over the weekend, he said when he arrived in Sierra Leone; most of the patients that he has been treating have the above sicknesses, which he said is responsible for many deaths in the country.
Every day, I received more than five patients in my office who are suffering from Malaria or Typhoid Fever. I heard that in this country, many people died of malaria and typhoid fever every year, and most of them are just children. When I learnt of this, I felt my heart stopped.
Dr Sean said apart from these Infectious diseases, he also treats other interesting cases. “Last October, a patient came to me that had fever and loss of appetite for over one month. When I saw him, he was so skinny and with a potbelly. At first, I thought he might be suffering from Liver Cirrhosis. I gave him a physical examination and found a big mass in his upper right abdomen. So I asked him to do liver scan, which proved a big Abscess in his liver.”
He said the Abscess was almost as big as a baby’s head. Dr Sean said he was able to treat the patient and was cured and doing fine now as he said the patient still visits him to show his appreciation.
He said he has been helping Dr Kanu, the Dean of this hospital doing Physical examination for those people who are travelling abroad and he has been on it for over 6 months.
Our medical team has been organising staff training for emergency cases. I gave two lectures in the training programs. One was to “Get to Know Typhoid Fever”, the other is “Malaria”. In the future the Infectious disease department will continue giving other interesting and useful lectures such as “How to deal with Liver Cirrhosis”, “Hepatitis”, etc.
Dr Sean said when he arrived at the friendship hospital; he has been working in the outpatient department where he has received over 2200 patient to date.
“I want all Sierra Leoneans whenever they feel sick to go to the hospital. Please I am begging you to come to the Jui hospital; we can help you get better by giving you quality treatment. Forget about the money, lifesaving comes first to us at Jui hospital.” He said his time in Sierra Leone is coming to an end as they will go back to china in June. “I’m going to miss this beautiful country, the hospitable people, friends, even working here. I think I will miss all of these. If I get the chance I will come back again to help, which is the reason I came in the first place.

Awoko Wednesday, April 19, 2017.

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