Sierra Leone News: ‘Christmas Miracle Child,’ Isha, walks home

Adonis Abbound & Isha

Adonis Abbound & Isha

Hope was lost. Aspirations thrown in the gutter. Abandoned by her father and a mother who wanted to run away… Doctors had given up hope because of a serious fracture on her spine. They said Isha would never walk again.
Ten-year old, Isha Senessie, who was pushed out a two storey school building at Moiba in the East was admitted at the 34 Military Hospital where she was confined to a wheel chair for over one year.
Aminata Mansaray, Isha’s mother, said she was advised to stay strong for the girl with the hope that God will perform miracle for them.
This miracle came in the form of Pikin Bizness, a children’s charity, who’s Chairman, Adonis Abboud, was informed about the plight of the child.
After several contacts with different doctors both home and abroad, luck came when he was given the green light at the Focos Opthopaedic Hospital in Ghana, with a cost of $25,000 USD.
After several pleas for support Pikin Bizness was able to raise $5000 from Airtel, 1,000 from Africell $19,000 from Pikin Biness, and $103 from two Sierra Leoneans.
In November, Isha Senessie and her mother with Adonis Abboud left Sierra Leone for Ghana where Isha was admitted and eventually operated on.
On the 14th December, 10-year old Isha went through a five hour surgery. According to Abboud, the doctors said the girl would have to stay in Accra for six months to go through physiotherapy.
Fortunately, a few weeks after the surgery, Isha Senesssi started walking to the surprise and admiration of the surgeon who called her the “Christmas miracle child”. Isha spent about two months in hospital in Ghana.
Walking around the Sea Coach ferry area, “the Christmas miracle Child” said, “I am happy to be able to walk again. I want to go back to school and learn. I want to help other children”.
By Betty Milton
Awoko, Monday February 06, 2017

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