Sierra Leone News: 13-year old boy needs help for Christmas

head-boyThirteen-year old, Lahai Dankona, of Giehun village, Malema Chiefdom, Kailahun is curently living in Kenema trying to treat a very uncomfortable and unsightly health problem.
Lahai Dankona has problem with his head. False rumours going around Kenema indicate the child is growing horns on his head. But Lahai explained that he does not know what’s wrong. He said he’d been living in Kenema for 8 months and seeing a native healer for medication. The problem lump has not disappeared or got better. He has seen several traditional healers and spiritualists but they have not helped.
Lahai spends most of the day crying in his room. He suffers with headaches and stomach problems.
One of the parents, Abubakar Sannoh, said the head of the child has been projecting to its current status and they have no idea what’s wrong. He said they have visited hospital but they were told that the sickness is not a hospital sickness.
In order to contact to the boy and family, get in touch with the reporter on 076646571 or email
By Saffa B. Moriba
Tuesday December 20, Awoko 2016

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