Sierra Leone News: Swollen leg pains woman farmer

A 38-year old farmer, Fatmata Dukulay, of the Teyama Section in Segbwema, Jaluahun Chiefdom, Kailahun District is calling on the government, philanthropists and humanitarian organizations for an immediate intervention for her to get peace of mind.

Dukulay suffers from an enlarged thigh and finds sitting, standing or lying down difficult. Her problem is impeding her life and she’s not happy or healthy. Fatmata’s husband died last year and she has six children who are not in in the District.
womanSpeaking to Awoko in her bedroom in Segbwema, she explained that her trouble started three years ago in Kenema, after she quarreled with her late brother, Dauda Dukulay. Fatmata and her late brother argued over raising chickens. Family members were involved but there was no resolution. She said the problem started with a rash that she scratched. The rash spread to other parts of her body and she became more and more uncomfortable. The swelling of her leg continued to grow.
Fatmata saw herbalists, traditional healers and a doctor at the Banya Hospital in Kenema. None of the doctors or healers could help. The swelling continued. At press time, no doctor has been contacted to comment or diagnose such sickness.
NOTE: To contact Fatmata and the family, call or write to Saffa Moriba, reporter, at +232 76646571 or e-mail
By Saffa Moriba, Awoko 10th December 2016

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