Sierra Leone News: Dr. Bell commits to support ebola Orphans

ebola orphans with their school package at Grafton

ebola orphans with their school package at Grafton

In his philanthropist gesture and humanitarian aid to the less privilege, renowned retired Gynecologist Dr. Christian Bell has committed himself to continue his support towards Orphan children in Sierra Leone through his organization Love One-Another Campaign.
On Wednesday 31st August 2016, Dr. Bell together with his wife Reverend Valarie Bell provided assorted school items to ebola Orphans at Grafton Community as their continued efforts to boost education in the country and to build confidence in the lost hope of these kids.
Reaching out to these orphan kids was not an easy task as Dr. Bell and his team had to go through potholes, muddy road, mud houses and makeshift structures surrounded by hog-pens that pollute the air with unbearable stench. Despite these deplorable environment Love One-Another Campaign a Christian organization was able to put smile on the faces of these kids as they received their school items.
7yr Obai Sesay promoted to class three exclaimed “I love my bag it’s big and nice. I want to go to school immediately to show my friends my new bag and uniforms. I love to read and study everyday.”
12yrs Isatu Nabieu a pupil of Go Flames Primary School who sat to the national primary school examination came out of the community centre enthusiastically holding on to her new school items. She told this medium that I’m happy to receive these items as they will enable me go to school and will reduce the cost and burden. I lost both my parents to the deadly ebola virus and since then I’ve been with my aunt who is poor and can’t afford to take care of me and her own children. I want to continue my education unto University level so I can become a Lawyer. I’m pleading with Dr. Bell, the government and other organizations to support our education.
One hundred and fifty children received school items from Love One-Another Campaign and these donations have been in progress since the outbreak of ebola in 2014.
Rev. Valerie Bell pleaded with Care-takers to be steadfast and resilient in their endeavors to provide care to these orphans stating that they understand their economic status and promised to help them with moral and financial support.
“In this trying economic situation it is not easy for poor families to take care of their families let alone another added burden. We understand your plights and therefore we promise to continue our support to these orphans. We are working on a project through our international friends to construct a centre that will provide community services to these kids’.
The school items provided were two sets of uniform for each kid, pencils, pens, books and bags among many others worth over fifteen million Leones.
By Mariam S Bah

Awoko, Friday September 02, 2016

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