Sierra Leone: Tribal Chief Raises Concern Over Border Security

By Ibrahim Tarawallie

Chiefdom Speaker of Kissi Teng chiefdom in the Kailahun district has raised concern with regards border security, thus urging the government to fortify boundaries between Sierra Leone and Guinea and Liberia, respectively.

Chief Fallah Jusu was speaking at a memorial service for Ebola victims organised by Fambul Tok International Sierra Leone in partnership with the people of Konio section in the Kissi Teng chiefdom.
Chief Jusu also lamented over the present state of the chiefdom as according to him the government has not paid much attention in that part of the country.

“The chiefdom lacks medical facilities, water and other social amenities. Let me take this opportunity to appeal to the government and other organisations to consider our chiefdom when implementing development programmes,” he appealed.
He spoke about the role played by Fambul Tok in creating space for community healing and reconciliation, adding that the organisation was the first to partner with the people of Kissi Teng to remember the eighty (80) Ebola victims.

He recalled that the index case of the Ebola outbreak started in Kpoundu village, Konio section, through a 59-year-old traditional healer, Finda Nyuma, and revealed that a total of 22 residents died in just that village alone.
He used the occasion to appeal on behalf of the first Ebola survivor, Mamie Lebbie, who according to him had not been registered and therefore could not receive any benefit.

Fambul Tok sectional executive adviser, Raymond Bundor, lamented over the destruction cause by the Ebola virus and stressed that now that with the disease defeated they have decided to honour their loved ones.
He called on the government not to forget about over 50 orphans in the chiefdom.

“No one thought it fit to organize such event but we are happy to perform traditional rites as most of those that died did not receive befitting funeral rites,” he said.
15 DECEMBER 2015
Concord Times (Freetown)

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