Sierra Leone News: SLAES apologises to families of dead health workers

The National President of the Sierra Leone Association of Ebola Survivors (SLAES), Yusuf Kabba on Saturday at the thanksgiving service to mark the end of the virus apologised on behalf of his membership to the families of health workers who died in the line of duty to save them.

In his statement, Yusuf Kabba said these health workers sacrificed their lives to save them and they are not happy but want their families to accept their apologies and they want to move forward and continue to be part of the recovery process.

“I call this (my) statement Testimony 4051, representing all the ebola survivors in the country, beginning from the first survivor, Victoria Yillah to the last Adama Sankoh. We understand the past, making sure the present lead us to a positive future. We thank God that we are alive and we will continue to thank Him for his love towards us.”

He called on all the survivors to listen to advice from doctors, government and other health officials and they should follow the best practices to make sure that there is no relapse of the virus in the country. “These health workers gave us hope, they gave our lives meaning and we must be thankful to them and continue to give praise to God Almighty for what they have done for us.”

Yusuf said those who helped them stay alive the doctors, religious leaders, the media, Ambulance Drivers, soldiers, police, nurses and other officials in the medical field and the government deserved their thanks, saying God will continue to bless them for the wonderful job they did.

“Those eleven doctors who died to save us, I again apologise to their families and friends, I called on the government to make sure they take good care of their families, they died to save us and we will continue to apologise to their families and hope and pray they will receive the blessings from God for what they did to save 4051 of us,”

The national president thanked the international community for all what they did for Sierra Leone and said their help was pivotal in ending the fight and called on all to continue to help the country in the post-ebola recovery as well as to capacitate the survivors so they should not be left in the street to become beggars.

Yusuf said they are fortunate to be alive and they will continue to thank God for his mercies on them as 3589 of their compatriots were unable to make it as they succumbed to the virus. He said they will continue to listen to health advice and will allow Project Shield to succeed so that no relapse will occur in the country and they will continue to monitor neigbouring countries keenly so that nobody will cross into Sierra Leone with the virus.
November 24, 2015-Awoko

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