West Africa: Good News in China Launching Ebola Vaccine Clinical Study Phase Two – WHO

West Africa: Good News in China Launching Ebola Vaccine Clinical Study Phase Two –
By Zhang Miao
Geneva — WHO spokeswoman Margaret Harris said, when accepting an interview by the journalist of the Xinhua News Agency on 13th, that the vaccines was a powerful tool in fighting against Ebola virus and it was undoubtedly good news that therecombinant vaccines for Ebola developed by China independently began trial clinical studies phase 2 recently in Sierra Leone.

Harris continued that the cAd3-ZEBOV jointly developed by the UK based Glaxo Smith Kline with the United States and the VSV-EBOV vaccines developed by the Public Health Agency of Canada in collaboration with the NewLink Genetics and Merck & Co Inc based in the U.S. were two types of vaccines that had undergone most assessments so far. The results of the clinical studies phase 1 of the China developed Ebola vaccines published on The Lancet, authoritative medical journal based in the U.K., were quite substantive, showcasing that the Chinese development had gained a strongposition in the Ebola vaccine development race.

Harris added, up to date results of clinical study phase 3 of the cAd3-ZEBOV and VSV-EBOV were found effective in dealing with Ebola breakout while the sustainability of the effectiveness was still uncertain. “We are looking forward to seeing other vaccines, for instance from China, being able to deliver longer sustainability in protecting the vaccinated populations and medical workers”, she declared.

Different vaccines have dissimilar properties, some emphasizing on providing one-time protection at epidemic breakout and some on life-long protection or cheap and easy production. According to the latest information available, easy storage is the greatest strength of the China developed Ebola vaccines.

Harris went on to say, basing on the fact that the surrounding inoculation test of the VSV-EBOV had played a very important role in Ebola “zero clearing”, as no new Ebola case was reported for two consecutive weeks for the first time in the 3 western African countries, a 2-dose vaccine developed by JOHNSON & JOHNSON was also put under clinical studies phase 2 in Sierra Leone this week.
All Africa, 30th October 2015

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